The Boddington West Project comprises one exploration licence application (E 70/5453) which covers an area of 9 Blocks (~26km2) within the Archaean Saddleback Greenstone belt in the Boddington Terrace of Western Australia, approximately 1km west of the Boddington Mine operated by Newmont.

Location of Boddington West Project (Highlighted Blue)

Geology and Mineralisation

The Boddington West Project area covers the north-western parts of the north-westerly trending Saddleback Greenstone Belt, a fault-bounded, sub-vertically dipping sequence of Archaean mafic, intermediate and felsic volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks, dioritic intrusives and volcanogenic sedimentary rocks that have been metamorphosed to greenschist facies. The Belt is enclosed by granitoids and gneisses of the Boddington Terrane.

In general, the rocks are intensely weathered, typically to depths of 40-100m, and near-surface bodies of (sub-economic) bauxitic laterite cover much of the Project area.

The Boddington West Project area is hosted in Archean volcanic, volcaniclastic, and shallow-level intrusive rocks that form the northern part of the Saddleback greenstone belt, a fault-bounded sliver of greenstones located in the southwestern corner of the Yilgarn craton, Western Australia.

Exploration Program

The Boddington West Project is a greenfield exploration opportunity in close proximity to the Boddington Mine. However, the scarcity of quality mappable outcrop and limited availability of data has restricted interpretations of the geology of the scale of the Greenstone Belt. Interpretation of regional geology and airborne magnetics suggests that similar structures to the Boddington Mine could continue westwards and north-westwards into the Boddington West Project area, warranting detailed review and on-ground exploration.

If E 70/5453 is granted, the Company intends to initially undertake detailed mapping of the Project area, followed by geochemical sampling, geophysics surveys and, if warranted on receipt of initial exploration results, drilling of targets identified.

Previous Exploration

Limited exploration has been undertaken within the Boddington West Project, with much of the exploration in the broader area focussed on exploration for additional tonnages surrounding the existing Boddington Mine.

Hedges Gold Pty Limited conducted aero-magnetic surveys and soil geochemistry during the 1997-1999 period to the east of the Boddington West Project, with results of the geochemistry samples unavailable for the Company’s review in public databases. Air core drilling focussed toward the east of the Boddington West Project has also been undertaken, with 5 drill-holes falling within the far-eastern portion of the Boddington West Project area, with no significant results reported.