The Boddington West Project area covers the north-western parts of the north-westerly trending Saddleback Greenstone Belt, a fault-bounded, sub-vertically dipping sequence of Archaean mafic, intermediate and felsic volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks, dioritic intrusives and volcanogenic sedimentary rocks that have been metamorphosed to greenschist facies.

Project Summary

The Boddington West Project provides a compelling greenfield exploration opportunity adjacent to the Boddington Gold Mine:

  • The Boddington Gold Mine in Western Australia produced 698koz AuEq in 2020 with reserves of 5.47Moz as of 2021 [1][2]
  • Reprocessing of aeromagnetic and radiometric survey over the Boddington West Project has revealed a series of north-west trending diorite intrusives that traverse the Boddington Gold mine and continue onto the Boddington West Project tenements
  • Six gold anomalies have been identified from a systematic surface geochemistry survey. Four are directly associated with interpreted north-west trending faults that parallel the structure associated with gold mineralisation at the Boddington Gold Mine.